Alexandra Meijer-Werner
Video Art

Ouroboros Project

Ouroboros Project


The Project Ouroboros was presented at the Museo de Bellas Artes in October 1997 as a video installation, theater, dance and dreams. It was about life cycles and personal transformation based in a real inwards artistic experience, exploring the intrinsic pulsations between birth-death, lost-gain, expansion-contraction, polarity present in life’s rhythm.


IIian Arbelo – dancer

Diego López – dancer

Eliel Brizola – actor

Luisa Garcia – dancer and choreographer

Marlene Murillo- dancer and performance

Alexandra Meijer-Werner – concept and video

Sergio Curiel – video editing

Ricardo Salazar – scenography

Original video

Ouroboros – ancient symbol of an emblematic snake biting itself in the tail, constantly self-devouring and being reborn from itself. It expresses the unity of things, which never disappears, but constantly change form in an eternal cycle of destruction and creation.

. . . Five real birth rituals. Each of them represents one of the four elements (earth, water, fire, air). It is the return to our primitive roots of life, to the basic palette of creation as well as the rise of a new potential.