Alexandra Meijer-Werner
Video Art


Light on Light

Since ever and forever Alexandra Meijer-Werner (1972 – 2002) – exclusively devoted herself to video art – concentrating her work on recording life on the planet’s mobile back ground.

The Inward Gaze of Alexandra's Blue Eyes

If Alexandra Meijer-Werner's approach to the creative process could be defined with one word, it would be honesty. It is impossible for me to write about Alexandra’s work without taking her personal qualities into consideration, not only because her work is so evidently a direct outgrowth of her fierce commitment to a process of internal growth and renewal, but also because I personally witnessed her development both as an artist and as an individual.

Cycle … Circulation … Revolution

The Multimedia Conscience

The potentiality of the media and the expansion of consciousness joins hands in a broad variety of art manifestations. Thus, multimedia possesses great advantages when it comes to channeling expressions and conveying messages effectively.

Excerpts from the creative process of Ouroboros project

This is an example of how crisis can push us towards an artistic breakthrough. It has been my most significant experience for future work. At the time I was feeling most depleted and unmotivated with the course of the work in the first phase I decided to take a week off, while a group of Ouroboros kept working.