Alexandra Meijer-Werner
Video Art

Light on Light


General Director – Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

Since ever and forever Alexandra Meijer-Werner (1972 – 2002) – exclusively devoted herself to video art – concentrating her work on recording life on the planet’s mobile back ground.

Her foreground focused on human beings representing a unifying principle in their movement thereby expressing the vital energy that filled them. The background was equally active; it is simply the world we live in, a world with natural landscapes like Gran Sabana or artificial ones like the hard streets of New York.

Those human beings are you and I : one and many swaying between extremes of birth and fall, and all those natural or artificial landscapes fitted into the palm of her hand.

Such was the great unifying quality in the work that Alexandra Meijer-Werner created in her lifetime and which is now being exhibited in the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo through a ductile and versatile medium – like video – to prove that creative energy is unique, impossible to create or destroy as postulated by Herman von Helmholtz in the 19th Century.